A Whole New World on the Heels of FitBloggin

HI! Welcome! Grab a chair, sit, relax! We are going to have LOTS to talk about.  I just wanted to take a moment and say this is my new space. After my latest adventure to FitBloggin this year I decided that I really did need a chance.  Last year I talked to the Blogging Concentrated crew for a while and Dan sparked in me the need to change.  He knew I was stuck… and I bought a domain… but it still wasn’t the right place for me… it didn’t resonante with my heart space.

My heart has been breaking over my old blog for a long time.  With my health in a decline, while not fatal by any means, it is hard to keep “getting healthy” when you are fighting something that takes away a part of you that you can’t control.  I wouldKris-AboutMe Page love to keep signing up for races, and have weekly weigh in reports that show my hard work at the gym is paying off, but in reality… some days getting out of bed working 8.5 hours and amking it home to have dinner seems like I did a marathon.

This is not a reflection because of my weight, this is not a failure of my body despite what my mind tells me SO MUCH of the time.  This is just part of the hand I am dealt.  I do my best not to be a flake to my friends. I do my best to not overschedue myself and allow enough possible downtime, but it is always the unknown.

Over the last few years I have learned that the little things are the big things, and showing up when you say you will matters more than anything else.  A hug, a hand, an ear, these are all more valueable than any trinket or bauble. Laughter and memories that you can pull from the darkest of places… those are what you will always hope you did more… those are what I want to spend my life having more of.

I always worried I was being left out sitting on the sidelines because of my weight, and I was… but on the sidelines you can make your own fun and find your own people.  There is ALWAYS adventure to be had if you simply look around and are willing to go down the rabbit hole.

So join me on this adventure as I show you how I am making my best life everyday!

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