View from above

Sometimes you need to step away. I stepped back from blogging as you have seen. It was not my passion. It was a chore. I lost my voice. I don’t know that I have found it, but I found an ember deep the ashes. 

Feed the ember, fan the flames and wake the dragon. 

I was reminded today of the importance of stepping away. From the roof of my office building I enjoyed a nice lunch with a new coworker. We got to know each other and enjoy the sunshine. 

The downside of a small department is you don’t get to break bread with those you work with. It’s why I make coffee. It brings us a moment to connect. The upside is it can force connectivity with others you work with. Grow those connections because some great friendships can be found. 

Don’t be afraid to step away. Clear your mind, find a friend, find your voice. 

View from my office rooftop

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