Sunday Love List!

I haven’t shared any love lately for things that are bringing me joy, so let’s just do a quick rundown!

I am groot!

Baby Groot visiting my terrarium

Shine bright like a diamond

Before Photo from Glass Fusing projects at Goddess of Glass

Warning!! This Icecream is awesome I mean awful you should send it all to me so I can save you from it.

Finally a banana ice cream without walnuts!! #foodallergy

The bleach scares me!!

Beauty comes at a price!

Blue green and purple! Feeling sassy!

Thank You Yvonne!!

Brown paper packages – Guava cookie from Puerto Rico!

Quiet lunches on the roof


Clean sheet day with NEW sheets!!

New fizzy water flavors to try!

Please send all the things!! XXL!

The Disney Target sleepwear collection has me wishing I had a bigger wallet

So many choices of color… then glitter??!!

Always on point!!

Glam Nails from Nail Studio Ten!! ❤️💅🏻


What is fueling my life?

Sometimes life is about finding little things that make you happy. A nice restaurant, getting your nails done, a sunset. 

Here is a collection from the last week of fun things that fueled my passion. Hopefully I can make this a regular thing. 

Urban Decay White Lie and Reverb over Conspiracy

Ombré lipstick (Urban Decay) just learning how to wear makeup!


Ribeye steak cooked to blue perfection

Love you always Paul

Memories of friends and love long gone

I literally can't even

My second ever Ipsy bag, and it’s Gudetama!!

Tastes like summer should!!

Smirnoff Watermelon Spiked Sparkling Water!!